lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Hi! Well today is the day number 2 of my blog, I'm thinking of making a big thing for when it's the day number 50, but I don't know yet, I don't even have readers :(
Well I wanted to show you my camera!

As you can see, it's a Cannon EOS 700D and I'm in love! I don't have a boyfriend, so my camera it's my boyfriend and it loves me so much!

And also I bough some fruits and I made a salad fruit, without sugar, all natural

Everybody was asking for some of it, and obviously I didn't share, hahaha it took me years to make a beautiful one, and as always I took a picture... I'm a white girl what can I say...

domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

I was in my room and I decided to clean it, I saw a lot of old stuff that I liked and I'd like to show you

Vera Wang Princess perfume is very lovely, I remember I used it everyday and everyone said it was so delicious, I want to buy a new one because I miss that smell 

My clock and my bag, there are from London, when I was there I bought a lot of stuff like these, London is so pretty and old, I loved it! 

sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

Hi! My name is Lola, but everyone calls me Lolly. I'm 16 and I was thinking about starting a  blog, showing my things, what I have and more. I'd love to share it with you, so please leave a comment, or follow me I'll follow you back.
I need some tips, how to change my template and those things, because I've never had a blog before and I don't know how it works, so if you want to help me, please, leave a comment. I will be so thankful! :)